About me

I have lived with Hypnosis for much of my life as my mother was a Qualified Trainer of Hypnotherapy.

Over 26 years ago whilst pregnant with my first born I got taught how to use self hypnosis for childbirth as I was petrified of the process. My childbirth was relaxed and a joy.I was so impressed by the results that I set out on my own path of learning. 

After studying under various eminent hypnotherapists I qualified in 1997 receiving my first Diploma from the Institute of Natural Therapy. In 2005 I completed a Diploma in NLP/Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching at the European College of Holistic Medicine, with Phil Parker, creator of the Lightning Process®.

I became one of the first Advanced Practitioner’s of the Phil Parker Lightning Process® and  held regular Seminars in the UK and Oslo. I have experience in working with people with ME/CFS and Depression/Anxiety and love working with children. I also worked with Phil Parker as a Supervisor/Coach on his Hypnotherapy Course in London. I also attended a Master NLP Training  with Sue Knight (author of NLP at Work).

I became a Master NLP Practitioner,Time Line Therapy™  Practitioner & Coach,  training with Mind Training Systems in Weybridge.

I then went to America to train with Drs Tad James (creator of Time Line Therapy™ ) & Adrianna James in Las Vegas and am now a fully certified NLP Trainer, trained by the best in the field. 

I believe we can do whatever we want to do, that we are all unique and can change easily. This enablesmer to work within a client’s own construct of their world helping them to achieve a life they love and recognize their full potential. The majority of my clients come through personal recommendation.

I am a member of ABH, ABHNLP, The  Time Line Therapy™ Association.


When I am not working with clients I help out  as a volunteer at The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham http://www.pth.org.uk/ doing relaxation with patients and working on reception.


What people are saying about me!

I have always been frightened of flying from a young age and decided to do something about it - I had read about how hypnotherapy could help, After meeting with Sally-Ann through networking I decided to approach her for a consultation, she is such an approachable knowledgeable and trustworthy person. A couple of months later, after my session, we went on our annual holiday flying and to my amazement I was calm at the airport and even managed to read a magazine on the plane (which is a first). So thank you Sally-Ann for your help, it really help me conquer my fear. Lisa Clunie

Don't let anything stand in the way of achieving your goals - whatever they may be. With Sally-Ann's help and guidance there is no limit to what you can do. I have not looked back. Thanks Sally-Ann. Sanchia Gallifent

Having attended Sally-Ann's The Secret of Creating Your Empowered Life Training, I am delighted to endorse Sally-Ann. Sally-Ann's skill base is multifaceted which brings so much more to the training. Sally-Ann's presentation skills, kindness and integrity ensure you truly understand and benefit from the information being imparted. An amazing lady to meet and get to know. Thank you. Samantha Falconer

Sally-Ann is an excellent trainer, her attitude, attention to details and organization are second to none and I would definitely recommend her. Tarek Elgayar

Sally-Ann is an inspirational Trainer and Coach. She is an established and valued member of Mind Training Systems Coaching Assistant's Team. Most recently Sally-Ann assisted at our NLP Practitioner Certification Training. Catherine Jackson


Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann North