Created: 21 October 2015

I think it is absolutely wonderful that smokers give up Smoking for October and raise money for charity.


However ………. do they realise that if they can give up for one month, they can give up forever? It only takes about 48 hours for Nicotine to get out of your bloodstream. It is the habit that causes the problem.


As I started to write this blog, I received this email from a client:


Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that my teeth have now been done all thanks to giving up smoking and I'm delighted with them!  It's been 9 weeks since my last cigarette and I still can't quite believe it! It's getting easier and easier with each day, week and month that goes and I never ever want to go near one of those things again - what a curse they are!



Here are some interesting facts about recovery:


Within 1 hour of stopping your blood pressure and heart rate will have returned to normal!


Within 8 hours the nicotine levels in your bloodstream will have reduced by over 90%.


Within 12 Hours your bloods oxygen levels with have dramatically increased.


24 hours - Nicotine withdrawal anxiety will have peaked and will return to normal within 2-3 weeks.


4 weeks  - Any smoking withdrawal related anger, anxiety, irritability will now be gone. Stop forever now!


This is just the beginning. Imagine the benefits of having more energy and vitality, spending more quality time with your family, having a longer life, improved fertility, younger looking skin, the list goes on.


Why not start saving that money you are spending on smoking and create a better life for yourself and others.



Created: 16 September 2015

Septemberhas arrived, and it is pouring with rain outside my window. I am so grateful to be inside in the warm and sending out love to all those who are not so fortunate.

This year we have had some challenges, our son didn't like his Boarding school, my Auntie had to move to a Nursing Home as she had dementia and my mother in law sadly passed away. My husband has also faced some interesting changes in his business too.

However, we have both managed to get through these events by being in the here and now, which is sometimes easy and other times not! I downloaded a wonderful Ap on my I-phone which was created by Andy Puddicombe called 'Headspace'. You can have a 10 day free download which guides you through just 10 minutes of meditation every day. Andy is doing for meditation what Jamie Oliver is doing for food!

I am grateful to all those teachers out there who share their wisdom with us and would highly recommend taking 10 minutes out a day - you will notice changes very quickly.



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Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann North