HypnosisHypnosis is a perfectly natural and beneficial state of mind with predictable results.

The hypnotic state is not a state of sleep. It is a pleasant and particularly relaxed state of mind wherein certain senses are more enhanced. You will have experienced the hypnotic state many times in your life, although you may not have been aware of this. If you are absorbed in music, daydreaming or watching TV, you can lose touch with your surroundings and not feel the passage of time. When daydreaming in these ways you are in an altered state of mind and become very receptive to suggestions. During hypnotherapy this altered awareness, which is induced by the therapist, is used to help you to change in the ways you desire.

These trances vary from a light state to a very deep trance. This depends on each person and the depth of the problems. Successful therapy can take place in even the lightest state.

A good definition of Hypnosis is ‘A state of relaxation and concentration wherein you have a heightened awareness induced by suggestion’. You are gently talked into this state of mind by the therapist.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to resolve issues and tap into the unconscious resources which we all have available inside of us. People often try to sort out the problems on a conscious level. However, if they could find a conscious solution, they wouldn't still have the problem. With the aid of a therapist, clients can get in touch with all of their unconscious resources and find answers to their difficulties more easily.

Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann North